Nevis Island

The island of Nevis is situated in the Caribbean in close proximity to the islands of St Kitts and Antigua. In fact Nevis together with its sister island of St Kitts forms the St Kitts and Nevis Federation. The two islands share government and constitution. Nevis island is approximately thirty six (36) square miles, and Nevis has a population which is estimated to be just above 10,000 inhabitants. The official language spoken in Nevis is English.

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Nevis is often referred to as paradise which has been barely touched by commercial development. From colonial times up to this date the island of Nevis has been referred to as the Queen of the Caribees. Nevis is surrounded by lush forests which are home to numerous species of fauna and flora. The island is known for its laid back and friendly atmosphere. The island of Nevis is a well known island getaway for visitors who are looking for a different holiday. The saying good things come in small packages can be best used to describe Nevis island. Nevis maybe a small island but it has lots to offer from beaches to rainforest adventures and sporting activities.

Nevis is surrounded by the most beautiful waters to be found around the Caribbean. There are many beaches surrounding the island of Nevis all of which are public beaches which are pretty much accessible. Nevis beaches provide lots of entertainment for all age groups. The fun activities which can be enjoyed on a Nevis beach include snorkeling, swimming, sailing, fishing, windsurfing among other activities. Many beaches on Nevis are lined with bars which make them a perfect spot for bar hopping.

The Nevis rainforests are filled with tropical birds and plant life which can be explored by hiking or driving around the island. There are many organized tour groups, agencies and tour guides which make arrangements for trips around the very scenic island of Nevis. Sites of interests to visit around Nevis include old plantation houses and old estates, museums and other areas of historical significance to the people of Nevis.

Nevis, apart from being known as a popular tourist destination is also known as one of the leaders in providing offshore services in the Caribbean. Nevis leads the way with progressive legislation and modern offshore business companies in the Caribbean. Offshore business entities which can be incorporated in Nevis include, Nevis offshore business company, Nevis Limited Liability Company (LLC) and Nevis Multiform Foundations. Other offshore services being offered include offshore banking.

Nevis is also a pure tax haven which implements no taxes on foreign earned income. This means that offshore companies with no business operations within the island of Nevis will pay no corporate taxes, income tax, inheritance tax or capital gains tax. Offshore companies must however at the end of each financial year pay a license fee to the government of Nevis Island.

Nevis has lots of opportunities both for the traveler and the persons looking to invest. The island of Nevis has a way of luring people back to its shore to enjoy peaceful and perfect paradise.

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