Nevis Offshore Services

The island of Nevis is popularly known as one of the leading offshore financial centers in the entire Caribbean region. Nevis as been a proud provider of offshore services for more than a decade and is a leading offshore jurisdiction in terms of modern and innovative offshore legislation. Nevis offshore services include the incorporation of Nevis offshore business companies, Nevis Limited Liability Company, Nevis Multiform Foundations, Nevis Trust, Nevis offshore banking.

Nevis offshore services such as the incorporation of offshore business entities necessitate the employment of a registered agent in the offshore tax haven. A registered agent is simply a person or firm who has been authorized and licensed by the Ministry of Finance to provide offshore services in the jurisdiction. The registered agent is very instrumental in the registration of Nevis offshore business companies, multiform foundations and Limited Liability Companies. When it comes to Nevis offshore services the registered agent is responsible for filing all the necessary paper work with the Registrar of Companies in Nevis and it is for this reason that there is no need for a client to travel to the jurisdiction of Nevis to receive Nevis offshore services.

One of the most popular Nevis offshore services is the incorporation of Nevis offshore business companies. This Nevis offshore service can be completed in one day providing that all the relevant documents and fees are submitted. The incorporation of a Nevis company involves filing Articles of Incorporation with the Registrar of Companies. A Nevis offshore company will pay no taxes if no business is carried out within the jurisdiction or with the population of Nevis. Nevis offshore companies are a safe way to protect assets. A Nevis offshore service which is also widely sought after is the formation of Nevis offshore Limited Liability Company. The Nevis LLC can operate in any country in the world and like other Nevis offshore companies will pay no taxation as long a no business is done in Nevis. Nevis LLCs will only pay a yearly license fee to keep the company in good standing order. Nevis limited liability companies have no need to file annual financial audits with the tax authorities in Nevis.

The formation of multiform foundations is also offered as part of Nevis’s offshore services. The Nevis multiform foundation is the most modern offshore business entity to be offered in Nevis. A Nevis multiform foundation can be incorporated as an ordinary foundation, a trust, a partnership or business company. As long as no business is done in Nevis the companies can operate as tax free. A Nevis Multiform foundation has the option of incorporating as a tax resident of Nevis.

Offshore banking is one of Nevis’s offshore services. Offshore banking in Nevis is well regulated. The offshore jurisdiction of Nevis ensures that all clients making use of offshore banking services in the jurisdiction can bank knowing that they have banking privacy and secrecy. All offshore business entities and offshore bank accounts in the tax haven of Nevis are protected by the Confidentiality Relationships Act which was passed as far back as 1984 and has been amended.

Nevis offshore services are in a class of their own. The tax haven has many offshore clients from across the world which is proof of just how good its offshore ser