Nevis Offshore Company

A Nevis company can incorporated as an offshore company under the Nevis Business Company ordinance of 1984. This piece of legislation over the years has been amended to make it more up to date therefore making Nevis offshore companies more competitive and give them a more modern structure.

The Nevis Company qualifies to operate as an offshore company thus gaining all the privileges that offshore company enjoys in Nevis if that company does no business with residents or within the island. The benefits of Nevis companies are many including zero taxation on all capitals and income gained outside of Nevis as the island is a tax haven. No income tax, corporate tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax are paid by offshore companies in Nevis. Nevis Companies must pay an annual fee to the Registrar of Companies. Since a Nevis offshore company does no business in the territory that Nevis Corporation will have no responsibility of filing its financial audits to the tax office in Nevis.

A Nevis company needs to have only one shareholder in order to be incorporated. Normally the number of directors needed to incorporate a Nevis Company is three (3) however if there are less than three (3) shareholders the number of directors can be equal to the shareholders. None of the persons (directors and shareholders) incorporating a Nevis Company needs to be a citizen of the tax haven. Legislation mandates that all Nevis companies which are offshore companies must be registered using the services of a registered agent. The registered agent must be a resident of the offshore tax haven of Nevis and must be recognized and licensed by the Ministry of Finance. On or before incorporation a Nevis Company must take on a company secretary who can be of any nationality. The Company secretary can be a corporation or individual and does not necessarily have to reside in the tax haven.

For incorporating an Exempt Nevis company Articles of Incorporation must be prepared and submitted to the Registrar of Companies. The information which is needed for this is the following; the name and address of the registered agent the name of the proposed company, the names of the directors and shareholders of the Nevis Company, how long the corporation is expected to be in existence for, the number of shares to be issued, the types of shares to be issued, the classes of shares and the rights and limitations attached to each class of shares, the bylaws of the Nevis Company must also be included.

Nevis Corporation provide much needed privacy for shareholders and directors since there is no need to make the names of such persons known to the public. Information concerning Nevis Companies cannot become public knowledge or disclosed without the permission of the company owners. The same way all assets placed in a Nevis company is protected by Nevis laws and cannot be touched by judgments of foreign courts or foreign governments.

Nevis offshore companies are ideal for doing any type of business dealings and Nevis companies are most frequently used as trading companies. Nevis offshore companies are very modern and easy to incorporate. These types of offshore business companies have aided Nevis to become the Caribbean’s leading offshore jurisdiction.

Nevis Offshore Company Is A Nevis Company Used For Offshore Business

Nevis companies are offshore companies registered or incorporated in Nevis. A Nevis company is suitable for doing all sorts of international business and offshore investments. Nevis companies can own and operate offshore bank accounts, and a Nevis company is organized under the laws of Nevis which are well written to make Nevis companies ideal for the offshore investor. Companies in Nevis are set up by people for copyright and other professional services. Nevis companies do not have a lot of restrictions and so are easy to administer. Nevis offshore companies can have one director. A offshore Nevis company can also have one shareholder. The shareholder and the director of the Nevis Company can be one and the same person. The beneficial owner of an offshore company in Nevis does not have to be a real person, the beneficial owner can also be a corporation. Nevis companies can transfer to other jurisdictions. When a Nevis company transfers, the Nevis Company will be given documents stating that it is a transferred Nevis company.