Nevis Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)

Nevis LLC or Nevis Limited Liability Company is just one of many business entities which can be incorporated in the offshore tax haven of Nevis. With the significant changes in the economic systems of many of the world’s leading countries many persons have chosen to invest their capitals into offshore business companies which can provide asset protection and protect capitals from slumping economies. The Nevis LLC Ordinance was first passed in 1995 but has since been amended to make the Nevis LLC more modern.

Incorporating a Nevis company such as an LLC has many advantages; a Nevis Limited Liability Company pays no local taxes this includes corporate tax, income tax and stamp duty on income which is gained outside of Nevis. Other business companies or individuals can incorporate a Nevis LLC which can also have any number of members. The Nevis LLC can do business anywhere in the world and it is for this reason that the Nevis LLC is one of the most incorporated offshore business company in the tax haven.

The incorporation of a Nevis Limited Liability Company can be done within hours by way of a very straight forward process. The first order of business when incorporating a Nevis LLC is employing a registered agent in the offshore tax haven of Nevis. An Article of Incorporation must be prepared for filing with the Registrar of Companies. The information to be included are the name of the company, the words LLC must be included, the name and address of the registered agent. A statement must be prepared saying that the LLC is being incorporated under the Nevis LLC Ordinance. The members of the Nevis LLC must state if the Nevis company will be managed by a member or someone will be brought in to manage the affairs of the Nevis LLC. There is no obligation for the manager of a Nevis LLC to be a resident of the jurisdiction or a Nevis Company.

When incorporating a Nevis LLC there is no need to make known the names of the members of the company to the authorities. A Nevis limited Liability Company is not required by law to submit its annual financial statements to the Nevis tax authorities but the company is encouraged to keep such records for the use of the Nevis LLC.

It is customary for the members of a Nevis LLC to enter into a partnership agreement which is commonly known as an operating agreement. This is signed by the members of the Nevis LLC and ultimately determines the laws by which the Nevis LLC will be managed by. Information which can be included in the operating agreement of a Nevis LLC includes the type of business to be carried out and the privileges of each member.

A Nevis Limited Liability Company provides quality offshore asset protection is dictated by Nevis legislation. The Nevis LLC Ordinance helps protects the assets placed in a Nevis LLC form the foreign legislations and court judgments. Nevis LLCs are frequently used as a means to prevent forced heirship and for estate planning.