Nevis Investment Opportunities

The island of Nevis over the years has become a popular hub for both investors and visitors alike. The island is much smaller that its sister island of St Kitts with a population of just above 10,000 inhabitants but has very lucrative Nevis investment opportunities. There are a number of real estate investment opportunities which includes real estate, local companies and offshore companies. The Hotel Industry also has room for Nevis investment opportunities.

There are many investment prospects in real estate investment in Nevis which includes beach front property, land, villas, hotels, resorts and rental properties. The bottom line price of real estate in Nevis is reasonable when compared to other Caribbean island and the price of real estate in other parts of the world. There are no restrictions on non citizens of the territory making taking advantage of Nevis investment opportunities.

In order for a foreigner to invest in real estate in Nevis, he or she must have been granted an Alien Land Holding. The process is not complex and once the property to be bought has been established the buyer, a local lawyer can apply to the government of St Kitts and Nevis for an Alien Land Holding License which will cost 10% of the purchase price of the property.

Nevis investment opportunities are readily available through its economic citizenship program which allows non citizens the option of becoming citizens of Nevis by way of an investment in Nevis real estate. With the Real Estate option of the Citizenship – by – Investment an applicant can invest in a real estate projected designated by the government in exchange for citizenship of Nevis. The minimum investment which can be made is US$350,000. This investment does not include the cost of government fees which is US$35,000 for one applicant and US$15,000 for each dependent. Due diligence fee of US$3,500 must be paid for all adults applying to the program.

Nevis investment opportunities are available in the form of offshore business entities. Nevis offshore business companies are an excellent way to invest capital and receive top quality asset protection. Setting up a Nevis offshore company is an easy process which can be completed within a day and such companies are very easy to maintain. All capitals invested into a Nevis offshore company will remain tax free as long as these incomes are gained outside of the territory. This means that a Nevis offshore company helps reduce tax liabilities. Multiform Foundations and Nevis Limited Liability Companies (LLC) can also be set up to operate as offshore companies in Nevis. Any investments placed in Nevis offshore company is protected by legislation and cannot be touched by foreign judicial rulings.

Nevis investment opportunities have proven time and time again to be very good investments. The island of Nevis has many opportunities for development. The government gives incentives to investors who are willing to invest locally which in the long term will help boost the economy of Nevis. There are many good reasons to invest in Nevis and take advantage of the investment opportunities offered; the island has lots of infrastructure in place including an excellent telecommunications systems and very low crime rate.