Going Offshore In Nevis

Anyone considering going offshore in the tax haven of Nevis has many possibilities to consider when making an offshore investment. For starters there are many different offshore business entities to choose from when going offshore in Nevis. Nevis’ offshore services are superior to that of many other offshore jurisdictions in the world. The offshore services in tax haven Nevis are the incorporation of Nevis companies, the formation of Nevis multiform foundations, offshore banking, exempt trusts, and the formation of Nevis limited liability companies.

Going offshore in the next haven of Nevis does not indicate that a client has to make an obligatory trip to the island to receive services. Most offshore legislation passed in St Kitts in suggests that when going offshore the client must employ the services of an offshore service provider or registered agent. A registered agent is someone who has been granted a license by the Minister of Finance of Nevis to provide offshore services and act on behalf of clients in the offshore jurisdiction. Nevis offshore companies, exempt trusts, limited liability companies and multiform foundations must all be incorporated with the services of a registered agent.

There are many advantages to going offshore in the tax haven of Nevis. Nevis is a pure tax haven and this therefore means that offshore business entities incorporated in the jurisdiction with no business operations in the territory pays no local taxes. The tax haven of Nevis has no corporate tax, inheritance tax, income tax, capital gains tax imposed on offshore companies which do no business on the island. A multiform foundation can choose to become a tax resident of the tax haven and pay taxes which will amount to a very small percentage of its annual taxable profit.

Going offshore in Nevis guarantees that the clients receive asset protection, privacy and secrecy. Offshore business company legislation protects assets placed in Nevis offshore business entities and offshore bank accounts from foreign legislation and other parties. Nevis has a Confidentiality Regulation Ordinance which was passed in 1985. This legislation protects the information in offshore bank accounts and offshore business entities from third parties. The legislation states that information concerning such offshore businesses or offshore bank accounts cannot be given out without the consent of the offshore bank account holder or the shareholders of companies.

Nevis has only one offshore bank which is very reputable. Going offshore in Nevis could mean getting an offshore bank account with Nevis’s only offshore bank. Offshore bank accounts in Nevis as mentioned above are protected by the Confidentiality Regulation Ordinance. Offshore bank accounts pay zero taxes on income placed in them. Nevis guarantees that offshore bank account holders will receive banking privacy and good quality services.

Going offshore in the tax haven of Nevis makes for good offshore investments. Nevis tax haven has provides endless business and offshore investment opportunities. Setting up an offshore business entity in Nevis is done by very skilled professional who can handle this type of business in hours.